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Dan Robertson -- Songwriter
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Guitar Habit

Words and Music by C. Dan Robertson, Copyright 2001

Down in Louisiana on a rainy, rainy day
I was just a young‘in when I started to play
No bigger than that old six string
But the whole house was rockin’ when I started to sing

I got a Guitar Habit
Got a Guitar Habit
Just got a have it, Stop me ‘for I grab it
Got a Guitar Habit

At the high school dance – it might have been the Prom
The chaperones weren’t lookin’ when I turned the speakers on
When I hit the high one, the gym began to shake
And the whole town was rockin’ like a California quake

I got a Guitar Habit…etc.

Fender, Peavey, Gibson Les Paul
Stratocaster, Telecaster – got to have ‘em all
Six String, Twelve String, acoustic or steel
Never met a woman who could make me feel

Like my Guitar Habit….

When my throat gets dry and I can hardly see
I know exactly what’s happenin’ to me
My knees start to wobble, my head starts to spin
I’m turnin’ on the amp, gonna crank it up to ten

I got a Guitar Habit…

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