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Dan Robertson -- Songwriter
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All Roads Lead To Austin

Copyright C. Dan Robertson 2003 All Rights Reserved

Hear It

Dallas is fine -- a Big D state of mind

Lubbock is cold in the spring

Time moves too slow in San Angelo

And Corpus is a summertime thing


Because...All Roads Lead To Austin

Texas is calling you home

Lone star shining bright

Deep in the heart of the night

And waiting for me 'round the bend

Can't wait to see Austin again


Houston was home, but now I'm all grown

Lufkin seems so far away

The Valley is green, but you know what I mean

Like a snowbird, I ain't gonna stay


I've worked Port Arthur, sailed Galveston Bay

There's Padre sand in my toes

You're never alone in old San Antone

And Tyler, she blooms like a rose

But still..[chorus]

[2nd chorus]

Golden sun, silver sky

It's a Hill Country high

Smiling like an old friend

If I ever see Austin again

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